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The Trust’s mission is to promote wider awareness of and engagement with this area of outstanding beauty, so that future generations can visit, live, learn and work here while protecting and enhancing the things that make it so special.

Working with enterprises, schools and colleges, local authorities, communities, land and property owners, other charities and individuals, we seek to:


  • Promote awareness, understanding, beneficial enjoyment and sense of ownership of the area  through the provision of information, education and advice.
  • Acquire resources for landscape and wildlife conservation projects and activities.
  • Develop projects and initiatives to protect, conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area and its wildlife.
  • Provide grant funding and support for small scale community projects.
  • Encourage and support productive use of the land in ways that contribute to its long term beauty, health and sustainability.
  • Understand and respond to emerging opportunities in technology, employment and society that can assist in the long term prosperity and health of our local communities and enterprises in ways that conserve and enhance our ecology, landscape and wildlife.
  • Understand and respond to emerging threats to the sustainability and future value of the area.